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When you need a professional locksmith to help you in an emergency, Upper East Side Locksmith is just a phone call away. Our trustworthy locksmiths are available around the clock to help you with your locksmith needs, anywhere and anytime.



Whether you are moving into a new home or wish to upgrade the security of your present house, Locksmith Upper East Side provides a complete residential Locksmith solution.


Let our professional locksmiths handle your business security. We Locksmith offers custom solutions & pricing that will help protect your business.

24/7 Emergency

Locked out of your car, house or office? Whatever the emergency is, Locksmith Upper East Side will be there to solve it quickly and efficiently.

Auto Locksmith

Our professional locksmiths can duplicate or replace nearly every make and model of smart key, can re-key car locks, repair Ignitions and perform key extractions.

Door Repair Upper East Side

Change Locks Service – With the constant ins and outs, it only makes sense for the locks to eventually give out. Whether it be a damaged lock that refuses to cooperate or simply a lock that has been overused, it might be the time to change your locks. Your lock hardware doesn’t always have to be completely destroyed for you to contemplate changing your locks. In fact, the necessity to change your lock may not always even be apparent. Some telltale signs that your lock has got to go would be a few occurrences of key jamming. If you key seems to be getting stuck more than it should, consider that as an ominous warning. If you experience difficulties locking or unlocking your door, take heed and see if happens often.